Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Why are electronic health records (EHRs) so important?

Because your health record tells your health professional about your health history. Your health professional can use that information to give you the best care he or she can.
Specifically, the use of standardized electronic health records and the secure exchange of health information will improve health care quality and safety, and reduce healthcare costs by:
  • Making health information available to authorized health care providers wherever and whenever a patient gets care, improving the coordination and continuity of care and promoting informed decision-making;
  • Giving consumers more complete and accurate information to inform decision-making about their own health care;
  • Reducing preventable medical errors and avoiding duplication of treatments and procedures;
  • Lowering administrative costs and reducing clerical errors;
  • Enhancing research by facilitating the collection of standardized data to evaluate promising medical techniques, devices and drugs; and
  • Reducing the time it takes to bring safe, effective products and practices to the marketplace.

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